The goal of just the right product or program, at just the right time requires continuous, synchronous communication among internal stakeholders and selected customers.  Two enterprise engines, well maintained and continuously running, are key success factors in achieving this goal:  The inside-out and the outside-in engines.

The inside-out engine is the product or program lifecycle.  Even with only a handful of offering each will have its own lifecycle with hold ‘em or fold ‘em decision for each.
Whether it’s a new product in development or existing offering due for enhancements, or marketing, sales, manufacturing or finance project or program all have a lifecycle.  On any given day at any hour members of different functional groups in an enterprise are asked to contribute to a product or program at some stage of it’s lifecycle.  Keeping stakeholders current on your project so they can keep you informed on any changes in their area affecting your efforts helps keep course-corrections manageable.

The outside-in engine is the MCPESTEL engine. MC who?  Market, Competition, Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental, and Legislative/Legal are segments that different members of your enterprise watch, and that’s a good thing.  On average every 8 days something of significance to your project changes among these segments.  Stakeholders keeping you informed about changes in their purviews also keep changes in course small and manageable.

Whether it’s the MCPESTEL engine speeding along or the only slightly less speedy Product/Program Lifecycle engine stakeholders across the enterprise and selected customers see the benefit of continuous, synchronous communication to ensure the right product/program at just the right time.