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Lean-Agile Partners provides complete services for clients who are making the move to Agile practices:

Agile Coaching

Coaching is the method we use, rather than outsourcing, because Lean and Agile ideas are so fundamental to good business practices that executives should learn to exercise them directly, rather than delegating them to others.

Team Coaching

Lean-Agile Partners will work with you to launch new Agile teams. We show you how to staff Agile teams, select the right project, establish metrics, and manage the interface between the teams and the organisation. You'll learn how to get a team to "gel" every time.

As part of team coaching, we mentor your people in the techniques for launching and coaching new Agile teams. This is a very cost-efficient way to scale your Agile adoption.

The way to attract and keep top talent today is to invest in your people. A vibrant, in-house Agile mentoring programme helps you to be less dependent upon us, while supercharging staff morale— truly a win-win proposition.

Enterprise Coaching

We offer coaching for managers and executives to scale Agile practices beyond software-centered projects, across the enterprise.

Organizational change is difficult in the best of circumstances— our coaches have experienced it first-hand— and we've learned the lessons from many Agile adoption programmes.

We can advise you on critical decisions, such as choosing the right projects for Agile practices, handling negative stakeholders, and ways to efficiently generate metrics to protect and guide your journey to becmming an Agile enterprise.

Strategy Sessions

Agile software development practices can significantly improve speed and quality of product development, increase customer satisfaction, and raise employee morale and retention. Yet, the vast majority of Agile adoption programmes fail, despite having seeded teams that were each successful individually. You can avoid this fate by starting off with a Strategy Session.

A Strategy Session is typically a two-day event. Our coaches will meet with your Agile leaders and key people who are (or will be) on the Agile teams. Given your goals, current capabilities, and your situation, we help you assess the outlook. You need to know where the biggest danger to your Agile adoption success lies, and you need practical ideas on how to handle it. We have been on this path many times, but you'll only walk it once. You will only have one Agile adoption programme, though you'll launch many Agile teams. Whether you've already started, or you are considering launching an Agile adoption programme, let us help you plan your journey.

You can use the Strategy Session alone or with other services from us. If you've already started an Agile adoption programme, you may want a Strategy Session as a way of assessing where you stand, and troubleshooting any problems you are experiencing.

Training Courses

Lean-Agile Partners offers training courses and workshops that complement our coaching services. Current titles include:

We also customise training programmes, so contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Agile Health Checks

Agile teams that have been running for six months or longer may have adapted too much to special circumstances, or they might just be getting stale in their Agile techniques. A fresh observation and feedback can be just the right thing to head off trouble.

"You seem able to accomplish things here that others cannot."

― Project Manager for a newly Agile team being coached by Lean Agile Partners Principal, Nancy Van Schooenderwoert.