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Managing Lean-Agile Transformations

As more and more businesses experience the on-time, high-quality performance of Agile teams, they are looking for practical ways to scale Agile ideas throughout the company.

Lean-Agile Partners offers a complete set of resources to assist you in conducting a successful Agile Adoption programme:

  • Start by understanding the surprises others have encountered on this path. The Cutter Consortium Executive Report "The Four Pillars of Agile Adoption", by Lean-Agile Partner Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, will show you how an Agile adoption effort failed, even though every one of its Agile projects was successful.
  • For experience-tested ideas on how an Agile adoption programme should be run, see the presentation by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert and Rick Brenner made at the Software Development Best Practices 2008 conference: "Planning Your Agile Initiative".
  • If you'd like to discuss possibilities, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. We'll meet with you and your project team to answer your questions— about Agile practices, about how coaching works, about anything you need to know.
  • Next step could be to consider whether a "Strategy Session" makes sense to map out a path to Agile success for your company. Or you may prefer to start with a training course. Our "One-Day Intro to Lean-Agile" is ideal, though we offer a variety of training courses to match the variety of roles and business needs.
  • Already using Agile? Perhaps an "Agile Health Check" is just the ticket to give you a fresh perspective on things, or to help with an issue you're having.
  • If you build embedded systems, you've come to the right place. Lean-Agile Partner Nancy Van Schooenderwoert was one of the first agile practitioners to successfully adapt Agile methods to the demands of working with hardware and firmware. The result was a 3-times productivity increase, together with a bug rate ten times lower than the best traditional teams, as described in "Embedded Agile Project by the Numbers with Newbies".
  • If your work involves data migrations, or you have issues with data quality, did you know that Lean-Agile Partner Adrian Mowat has pioneered Agile methods and tools for data manipulation languages?
  • Once you've got your Agile adoption strategy worked out and had the training you need, the best way to be ready for the unpredictable is to connect with people who've been on this path before and know your situation. Our service "Enterprise Coaching" can flex to be as extensive or as minimal as you need.